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Breed:  Quarter Horse / Thoroughbred 

Gender: Gelding

Color: Black

Birthdate: True date unknown; April 27, 2004

(SSgt Jamie Jarboe's birthday w/Jarboe's approx. year)

Height:  15.2h



Jarboe or "Boe" for short came to Courage Rock in April 2020 and was donated by Heidi and Laura Van Meter.  Not too much is known about Boe's history other than he was a trail horse at one time.


When Jarboe came to the Van Meters, it was as a surrender due to his previous family could no longer care for him as he needed.   Without proper food, water, and health care, it took time to get him in a healthy condition and working with humans again.  He was quarantined a few months during this time and missed his pony pasture mate.  Today he is doing fine and loves his new pasture mates Marley and Midnight.    Jarboe  is named in honor  SSgt. Jamie Jarboe of the 4th Calvary, 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley. 

Jamie was shot April 10, 2011 from a snipers AK 47 which penetrated his spine and left him paralyzed from the chest down.  After countless surgeries, 10 months later he lost his life.


To learn more about Jamie and his families journey, read the book "Sacrificed: Memoirs of SSG Jamie & Melissa" by Melissa Jarboe and Jeff Canfield.

        Jarboe Facts:

  • Most likely because of his time spent in quarantine, he calls to the other horses when he is separated.

  • He loves to have his neck and chest scratched. 

  • Jarboe loves treats and will take full bites from a watermelon.

  • He is a very curious horse and shows little fear when introduced to new things.

  • His trot is as smooth as a sail boat on a quiet lake.

Jarboe is used for all veteran programs and as a lesson horse.  He also is a trail horse.


Our Mission is to engage and develop the relationship between humans and the therapeutic energy of a horse to strengthen the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of ones life.

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