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Sinatra "Sin"


Breed:  Appaloosa

Gender: Gelding

Color: Flea-bitten grey

Birth Date: December 2, 2011

Height: 15.2h

Sinatra or "Sin" for short is owned by Kim Markham and Willow Cosgray and was a gift from one of Kim's students and came to the Rock in summer of 2022.  Sin is an excellent trail horse and is used for all the programs at Courage Rock.  

What we know about Sin's past is he was used as a trail horse by his original owner.  Before coming to the rock he was used as a pleasure horse around the farm and made his young owner laugh at his silly playfulness including eating cucumbers and posing for selfies.  



Since coming to the Rock, he had to adjust to the new routine, however when we hosted Camp Courage, he stepped up and seemed to enjoy being a part of having kids on his back that have never been on a horse before.  He learned fast with his new training and routine of how to be ridden in an arena opposed to a trail.  He is currently learning the "dressage" discipline while helping young students become better riders, and participating in the veterans program.  

He gets a bit anxious if he cant see his best pals, but settles fast when he knows he has work to do.  His best pal is Keemee but is known to hang out with Blue from time to time.

Sin can be picky of his human partners which makes him the perfect pick for horsemanship and ground activities as he can be willing if you are focused, or more challenging for those working with mental health, depression or anxiety to help them work through these issues. 

Sin is used for all veteran programs, a lesson and trail horse.  


Our Mission is to engage and develop the relationship between humans and the therapeutic energy of a horse to strengthen the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of ones life.

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