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Indoor Arena
Help us be a part of something big!!!

Become a Part of Something Big!

Since our opening in 2017, Courage Rock Stable has established itself as a PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) member and the only center of its kind in the area.

Courage Rock Stable is home to over one hundred clients and numerous volunteers that use our equine assisted programs for their own needs or in support of others.  

Courage Rock was created to specifically offer services to veterans and their families.  We have since offered this service to first responders, and now with our new Therapeion Therapeutic Program, to persons with handicaps or disabilities while still focusing on our veterans’ programs. We hope to expand even more for others like, at risk youth, reading encouragement, mental, occupational, and physical health. 

Benefits to having an indoor arena:

  • Would allow us to operate six days a week all year without shutting down due to inclement weather. 

  • It would provide more privacy for clients to focus and have a safer environment.  Having the wheelchair accessible ramp indoors will give our clients the privacy needed to mount their horse.

  • The arena will provide a calm and comforting atmosphere especially to those with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) affiliated with military combat and/or work-related trauma. 

  • Horses need year-round exercise and training and having the ability to exercise the horses year-round ensures their best health in a stress-free environment.


Large signage with company logo hung inside arena

Social media promotions (one year) including a link on our website

One-time equine engagement experience

Participate in ribbon cutting ceremony

Acknowledgement as facility sponsor at all Courage Rock events (one year)


GOLD SPONSOR - $10,000

Signage with company logo hung inside arena

Social media promotions (one year)

One time tour of facility



Acknowledgement with company logo on single plaque

Social media promotions (one year)

One time tour of facility



Acknowledgement listed with others on plaque

Social media promotions (one year)



Social media promotions (one year)


IN KIND SPONSOR – or any monetary amount under $999.

Accepting donations of building materials

Materials needed for kick walls and observation area

Mirrors to help with posture and movement with the horse

Upgrade of wheelchair ramp

Gates, doors, and other miscellaneous hardware

Download your sponsorship packet here.

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