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Saratoga Blue


Breed:  BLM Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Dapple Grey

Birth date: July 1, 2014

Height:  15.2h

Saratoga Blue

"Blue" was officially adopted from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) by Shawn Head in June 2021.  She had met Blue while photographing the herd in early 2019 and has followed him since.   So when he was rounded up in January 2021 and lost his freedom, Shawn decided to adopt which would take more than six months. 


Blue came to the Rock in July 2021 and would be a project to consider for the veterans EAL program at Courage Rock. He was classified as "untouched" by humans prior to coming to Courage Rock.  All his handling was by forcing him through chutes to get from the wild, to the round up pens, to the trailer that delivered him.    Select veterans will assist Shawn in the gentling and taming of the Mustang with the goal of training him under saddle.


The program so far has been a rewarding process and he is now at the saddling stage in his training.  

       Blue Facts:

  • It took hours of patience and handfuls of alfalfa to win the trust of the human hand.  Just under two weeks.  

  • Blue has three distinctive identifying marks that are a result of living in the wild.  His right front leg, right side wither, and his left ear.

  • He will do almost anything for a "horse cookie"

  • Blue's dapples will show more in the summer and his coat will look more white in the winter. 

  • December 27, 2021, Blue allowed a saddle on his back for the first time.

  • The name Mustang is derived from the Spanish words "mestengo" and "mostrenco" — meaning "wild".  However; Mustangs are considered feral and not wild due to being a descendent from domesticated horses. 


Our Mission is to engage and develop the relationship between humans and the therapeutic energy of a horse to strengthen the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of ones life.

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