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Camp Courage

Camp Courage is for kids of all abilities ages 8-13 typically held in June and July. Campers participate in horse themed activities & crafts while learning responsibility of owning a horse and riding skills. A week of fun, team building, and discoveries beyond your child's imagination!

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Camp Activities

Camp is made up of three directors and volunteers that will encourage teamwork, , having fun with horse related crafts and activities while teaching about horses and riding skills.  Safety is very important to us and an important part in everyday routines at Camp Courage.   Other activities include;

  • Participating in horse themed activities and crafts.

  • Learn life skills working with a large animal

  • Team building projects

  • Learn basic riding skills

  • Learn basic horse anatomy, behavior, and management.

  • Money management

  • Measure success and learning objectives.  Time management.

  • Safety conscious atmosphere


Camper Eligibility

All Camper must be able to:

  • Follow all camp and barn rules

  • Always stay with their group, without wandering away.

  • Function in an open, all-outdoors environment, without fenced in areas.

  • Be willing and able to follow instructions from volunteers, camp staff, and authority figures.

  • Be able and willing to notify a staff member when assistance is needed.

  • Understand and comply with instructions regarding risks or hazards.

  • Work with a diverse group of children and staff to accomplish tasks and activities.

  • Contribute to a safe learning environment and be respectful to all.  Disruptive or abusive behavior is not acceptable.

  • Function effectively as part of a team

  • Function independently in new routines.

  • Walk / roll distances up to ¾ miles.

  • Carry weight of about 30 lbs. 

  • Must not have allergies to horses or hay.

  • Manage personal care independently, such as feeding or dressing oneself, or using the restroom.


How to Enroll


Contact Barb Allen 219-508-1755

Private message on Facebook (Camp Courage)

Email us (

A completed registration form, application, and a non-refundable registration fee of $25 will hold your spot of your preferred session. 2024 dates TBD.

The remainder of the camp fee is due by the first day of camp or paid in full at time of registration. 

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