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Sponsor One of Our Equines

Outside of general donations that help our programs continue and offer services free to our veterans, our equine partners are the biggest part of our existence and with your generous and specific gift to sponsor a horse directly, not only ensures the welfare of the horse, but guarantees comfort, courage, and healing to our clients.  Sponsorship donations can be made through our donation page.  Please be specific in your sponsorship in the notes and who you are sponsoring.  Because we are a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible.  

Courage Rock horses are fed Nutrena brand feed along with hay three times a day.  Some need vitamins and supplements to boost their health and needs. A full sponsorship not only feeds one horse throughout the year, but also covers vaccinations, worming, and Ferrier costs.  

FULL SPONSORSHIP $4000.00 - The yearly cost for one horse averages $4,000.00.  With your yearly sponsorship, you will receive an acknowledgment letter of your donation, acknowledgment of your donation on all social media (w/permission) and on your horses stall, a photo of your horse, yearly newsletters, a year end personalized Christmas letter, and a personal visit with your sponsored horse.  

SEMI-SPONSORSHIP $2000.00 - To sponsor a horse for at least six months of the year averages $2,000.00.  With your half year sponsorship, you will receive a letter of your donation, photo of your horse, the yearly newsletter, and a year-end personalized Christmas letter. 

SPONSOR A MONTH $500.00 - Our monthly routine expenses consist of feed, bedding, and supplements. This averages $500 per month that does not include hay or health needs. With your sponsorship of one month, you will receive an acknowledgment letter of your donation, and an opportunity to feed all the horses on the month of your sponsorship.  



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