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Project Horses and Heroes

Project horses and heroes is a group of veterans and first responders that work the horses together or one-on-one and learn riding skills or relationship training.

Project Horses and Heroes is facilitated by fellow veterans and our certified PATH Intl instructor and meet three times a week.  The equine services provide emotional, cognitive, social, and physical benefits for veterans.  

Thanks to our donors, this service is available free of all costs to veterans and first responders of all ages including senior citizens that can benefit from grooming and grazing a horse.  

Often times we include family or offer babysitting for those that could not attend otherwise.  

Participating in the Project Horses and Heroes will give our veterans the opportunity to ride with the mounted drill team and traveling events. 

For more information on Project Horses and Heroes, contact Scott Allen at 574-870-8430 or email at



Other Veteran Services

Private riding or relationship training services are offered at no cost to the veteran alone, or one accompanying family member or caregiver.  Any mounted activity is conducted by a certified instructor. 



We often hear of veterans reporting benefits and positive outcomes they never knew existed with working with horses with decreased depression and anxiety. 


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