A C Special One


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Breed:  American Quarter Horse (Registered)

Gender: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

Birthdate: May 6, 1999

Height:  16h



Ace came to Courage Rock in June 2018 and was donated by Kimberly Clark, from Twin River Blue Star Mothers chapter, who believes in our mission at Courage Rock.  


ACE is a sorrel colored 16h registered quarter horse gelding.   ACE is an older gentlemen who is a been there, done that kinda guy.  He looks good in either english or western tack and is a pleasure to ride. He is also happy to let you sit on his back in the pasture and enjoy the sun together.  ACE listens quietly to your stories and loves to be groomed.

        ACE Facts:

  • A C Special One "ACE" is a registered Quarter Horse born in Missouri.  His sire was Skippa Lent and his dam was Jetting One.  There are rules and regulations to name your registered American quarter horse.

  • ACE is a very food motivated horse.  He enjoys feed time, treats, and pasture time is his favorite.

  • ACE is a rock star when working with children with special needs.

  • The American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest breeds in the United States and the color sorrel is one of the most common colors.

  • He is a great teacher as he is patient with his humans and will do almost anything he is asked.

Our Horses

Our Mission is to engage and develop the relationship between humans and the therapeutic energy of a horse to strengthen the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of ones life.