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Sanatio Pete


Breed: American Paint

Gender: Gelding

Color: Tobiano

Birthday: March 11 2017

Height: 15.2

Pete participates in Veterans programs, Camp Courage, parades, and the Therapeion riding program.


Pete was donated in 2023 to Courage Rock with a young mind to explore his new world.  His name Pete was given by his donors in honor of their grandfather and "Pete" the name originated from the Greek Petros meaning stone or rock.  Sanatio is Latin for healing or cure so his name Sanatio Pete (Healing Rock) fits perfectly for his purpose at Courage Rock!

Since coming to the Rock, he has become a reliable saddle horse and is used for many of the programs. 

Pete's previous owner still visits him often and he comes running to the fence when she calls.  She brings his favorite treat, a bag of apples and will dig in her pockets for them.


Pete is very intelligent, curious, and likes to please his humans which makes him very trainable and willing to learn.  Pete seems to enjoy all tasks given to him and in just two weeks learned to be a saddle horse with full tack.  When ridden during the drill team he doesnt mind being on the inside, outside, or the middle.  He is very willing to what is asked at liberty including jumping obstacles.  He has recently experienced trail riding and parades and although he started out very excited, he keeps a level head and is a joy to ride.

During one outing, we learned he loves little humans and would play with them like a puppy if he could!  

        Pete Facts:

  • Pete loves treats

  • If you hold your hand just right, he will give you "kisses".

  • His favorite activity is clicker training and playing with the ball.

  • He is known to spend time with all the horses in the herd and doesn't have a favorite barn pal.

  • When he runs in the pasture, he holds his tail straight up and down and loves to swim!

Our Mission is to engage and develop the relationship between humans and the therapeutic energy of a horse to strengthen the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of ones life.

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